Press Release Jim Moll

Q;  Give us a snapshot of the past few years; how you started on your new pathway to success.

A;  Back in October 2017, I had a successful insurance agency.  I had a home mortgage of $240,000 and a car loan of $ 12,500.  I was contemplating retirement.  Previously, I had been an English teacher and school counselor.  I have always found great satisfaction in teaching and helping other people to improve.  For example, at one time I had a franchise with Success Motivation Institute, helping people with time management skills and doing goal setting.  I had listened often to the great motivators such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Zig Ziglar and others.  I felt my true calling or purpose in life was in helping people, but I didn’t know how to accomplish it.  I had also tried a number of  NWM (Network Marketing) companies with minimal success.  The best had generated $500 per month.

Q;  What changed for you?

A;  I fractured my back in February 2017 downhill skiing.  While I was laid up, I came across Mark J’s training program called “Go 90 Grow. ” I took the course; got excited, but didn’t put the new training into practice.  Some link was still missing. After that course,  I had a free scholarship to  take the Master Key Experience Course;  that has made all the difference.  I began to apply what I learned.  I changed.  I grew in confidence.  I fully realized that I was in control of my life, and it opened the world of abundance which was available to me.  I found how my true self was valuable to others.  When I became the trainer I had dreamed of, others began to follow.  First it was a few, then tens, then hundreds;  while , I guess you know part of “the rest of the story!”

As my new stream of cash began to flow, I became free and clear financially.  I traveled to foreign countries, funding building projects.   My special place, Kamp Kipa, was able to build new dorms with my donations.  I was able to help many who needed a “hand up” in their lives. Those monetary gifts brought me great satisfaction and joy. I loved sharing my abundance. Now I am planning to help complete a new international school at Silver Springs, MN, which will be completed in 2021.

However, the best feeling, that which has truly overwhelmed me with gratitude and pride, was seeing the ripple effect of my training, and the impact it had in ever expanding circles. I have touched the lives of who knows how many people? I still can’t comprehend how far, wide, and where it has grown. You have seen just a bit of the impact.

Almost as an afterthought (as a side effect), it has brought unbelievable blessings to my family.  My personal health and energy amaze me.

This is the day the Lord hath made, I rejoice and am glad in it.