Week 14 Jim Moll

To this point, I have learned that ALL thought is creative, not that “some thought is creative, but that all thought is creative.” So, of course this gives equal power to negative thinking! Joined with feelings, the Law of Growth will manifest those thoughts which we allow to take up space or “rent” space in our minds. How is it with you? Have you become aware of how often negative thoughts wish to dwell on your mind? Have you learned to displace them, banish them with the power of positive thinking? Yes, I include you as well as myself in the questions, because you also need to live in your body for the rest of your lives. Have you learned to truly observe yourself, and how you react to people and situations? Have you succeeded with a 7 day mental diet, with zero negative thoughts? This is an amazing journey, meandering through my mind, discovering who I really am, where I want to go, who I am becoming! Without food, negativity gradually atrophies.

Wisdom surrounds me, just as other natural substances, waiting for a receptive and willing learner. The key is to make the decision, “firmly believing, in no wise doubting”, giving no room for interference, seeking and asking, allowing harmony to resonate with my purpose and calling in this life.

George Adams writes: “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

Week 13 Jim Moll

Inductive reasoning ,scientific reasoning, has brought manifold blessings to mankind. Man has learned how to harness the natural powers of nature, and enabled mankind to do things which seemed like science fiction in ages past. There are immutable, fixed laws of nature by which the universe functions, and man has the capacity, through the gift of thought or reason, to discover things that have existed throughout the ages, but were hidden to him.

However, it is only by the creative power of thought the outward, physical world can be released to it’s potential which already exists. By focusing our thoughts on the desired outcome, we are drawn to it, and it towards us, naturally. This only happens when we put our knowledge  into action, as Haanel writes.  He continues: “Therefore, in giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring forth their effect.” This sets the “Law of Attraction” into motion.

Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Strengthen my resolution to perform that which Wisdom dictates.” Thus I continue in my quest to be of service in this world in the spirit of BOSA (Be of service attitude.)

Week 12 Jim Moll

Happy for their new building!

Today I will share some personal thoughts of my faith. I have taught that reason or the mind needs to be subject to the Spirit. Thus, I had reservations regarding this Master Key Experience which is designed to help me to change my thought processes in the direction I choose. The mind, or reason, is simply a tool that we use for this life we live, and I am learning how to “operate” it, akin to learning how to operate any fine piece of equipment, such as a computer. Computers have fantastic capabilities, but are directed by ourselves.

Some portions of scriptures now have deeper meaning. For example, years ago I learned the sentence: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Scripture says: “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” The prophet said: “As a man thinketh, so shall he be.”  We have been instructed in the MKE to forgive everyone, not to entertain negative (or sinful) thoughts, to be in the flow of giving and receiving! We have been instructed to know our purpose in life, our very reason for being, and to strive towards it. We are to remove the doubts and negative thinking that has hindered us in the past.This process  relates to the instructions of  “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

If we trust, if we believe, the creator will answer. “In no wise doubting, but firmly believing…” The invisible power of Faith actually has substance, as Paul writes, and sure evidence appears. We are not the creators, so why do we think to advise and instruct the Creator in the flow of His creation; how, why, when? Why does He receive blame or instructions from us, when we have been made “first class, by first class.” As the seed sprouts perfectly by it’s nature, and grows to its’ potential, as the Monarch butterfly is transformed from a caterpillar into a beautiful, flying creature destined to fulfill it’s purpose, we too, just need to ask, to trust, and to allow Him to work through us and in us.

We are receiving  instructional manuals for the operational mechanism of our minds, and we are learning how to be the operators, not passive recipients of old programming. Therefore, the mind is subject to the Spirit.


Week 11 Jim Moll

So the traveler returns from West Africa, with fresh perspectives and up close experiences relating to the journey into the mysteries of my mind. The Master Key Experience course this week presented, as a metaphor, the journey of the Monarch butterfly. This insect has the longest migration of the insect world,  a journey of approximately 3,000 miles. After it’s complete metamorphosis from a caterpillar body to a beautiful creation that has wings and can fly, it sets out to a destination that it has never seen nor visited. The life span is short, so the third generation is what actually arrives at the remote mountain destination in Mexico.

How does this amazing story relate to me?

The butterfly has a definite purpose, with total commitment to reach the destination. (Or die trying!) None of the obstacles it faces can deter it; it is focused. It’s plan of action is simple: keep flapping your wings! None of the challenges of weather, food sources, or enemies of various sorts distract it from it’s plan and purpose. It travels with others, who form a group, all dedicated to attaining their goals. They are persistent,

This wonderful creation and it’s life purpose, teaches me, that within myself is the same ability to reach my purpose, my passion, my dream. My new friends in Africa appear to be content with each day’s journey. They are grateful and cheerful people. They reciprocate the love they receive, and are appreciative of the “hand up” offered to assist them in their lives. God does not have short hands; His hands reach into remote villages where lives are simple and basic. As a small token, I was able to donate about 50 pounds of various items of clothing, treats, first aid items and the like ( which I could fit into a suitcase, which was also donated at my trip’s conclusion.)  The most valuable experience, however, was the bonding of hearts where we were connected by the power of love. We are “brothers.” Now I have first hand knowledge of how my donations can be utilized for long term benefits in  the lives I touch.

Week 10 Jim Moll

This week I am focusing on the next 12 days more than reflecting on what I have started studying this week. I intend to keep up with this week’s lesson in spite of the challenges which lie ahead. Tomorrow I depart for West Africa. There is political unrest in Togo, so it may be possible that my travels there may be curtailed somewhat, if not cancelled altogether. Oh, if the message of peace, love, and forgiveness can proceed me, manifesting positive results in that restless country! I travel with love in my heart; may the love shine from my eyes, softening and warming those people whom I come in contact with. This love will be my shield, my protection, and will calm and uplift me. It gives me strength, courage and power.

This work which lies before me resonates with the message of the Master Teacher, who said: “It is not I that doeth the works, but the Father that dwelleth in me. He doeth the work.” I am simply His mouthpiece; His tool, to shed His light into the darkness.

This trip promises to be life changing; I welcome the challenge and embrace it. It answers directly to my purpose, my calling, my DMP and PPN. I am experiencing and  practicing what I have been thinking.

Week 9 Jim Moll

The Law of Growth: Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a wise man wrote: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what has been planted.”  A time to sow and a time to reap. Emerson wrote about this dichotomy in an “Essay on Compensation”; the Law of cause and effect.

My assignment this week is to visualize the planting of a seed, to see it come to life. The seed begins to grow, the cells are dividing in an orderly fashion. The roots  begin to search down into the soil for nutrients. The stem stretches upward toward the sunlight; there it will draw life giving energy into its being. How does it know which cells to manifest, to multiply and become the various parts of the plant? It is destined to become a beautiful, glorious flower, pushing up through the muck to bloom as a Lotus blossom. So too, I grow as the plant, pushing up into the light to blossom, to fulfill my purpose, to manifest and become what I am capable of becoming; to show my light.

In life’s journey, I am simply a sower and nurturer, and the farmer who feeds and protects the tender young plants. With support and encouragement, plants are programmed to grow to their full potential naturally, for that is what they are destined to become. I have the “easy” part; the seeds already contain all that is endowed by the creator. They are waiting to be germinated. Apostle Paul wrote: “I have planted. Apollos has watered, but God gave the increase.”

Words give life. Words are “things.”  The creative aspect of words have their genesis, as you will, in Genesis:  “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God…all things were made by Him.” Words shed light, they open understanding, they are powerful. A few years ago I wrote these words in a song: “…can you see how full of might a tongue can be…Let’s speak with words that kindle joy, that strengthen love and edify, and through the gospel word increase the ties of unity and peace.”

More and more I realize how important it is to be a watchman to my mind, ever vigilant, to allow only positive and good thoughts to enter, thoughts of love and forgiveness to flourish. Simultaneously, letting negative, judgmental thoughts to atrophy; not to give them any power by harboring them. Hence, the “Seven Day Mental Diet.”

Week 8 Jim Moll

The past two days have been a roller coaster ride! My euphoria and excitement were severely challenged by my subby, armed with the old blueprints. Vince Lombardi said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”, I believe. This was not a physical fatigue; it was a mental struggle. When I tried using the Ben Franklin method of dividing a paper with a line down the center, then putting all the reasons for and against my continuing, the Old Blueprint had more entries, to my disappointment. I won’t list them; I’m certain you are familiar with many of the “reasons”, which are really excuses. Most people would likely agree with taking the easier path, for that way is the most common. Someone once said: “Successful people form the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” Og Mandio wrote the answer: “I form good habits and become their slave…this is my will.” I promised that I would not give up, and I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES! Also, a promise made is a debt, unpaid.

By making public my thoughts and intentions, I hereby have another weapon against defeat, and I also have support from those who have CHOSEN this new pathway for self improvement. Robert Frost wrote how he chose the path less traveled, and that made all the difference. It is not a wonder why our mentors, Mark J and the fabulous Davene, have needed to take baby steps at times, had to hand hold, have had to cajole and get on the bully pulpit to get me to do what I need to do for the breakthrough which is in progress.  BELIEVE!



Week Seven Jim Moll 2nd post

This morning, as I awakened and before I was fully conscious, the sun began to rise. It dawned on me, both literally and figuratively, as a warm glow in my heart.  I have a new kind of love in my heart.

I am starting to understand the reason for my taking the Master Key Experience (MKE) course, from a new perspective. The course is mentally challenging, causing mental effort to know myself, to grow as a person, to become more true to my calling in life. It is becoming more clear to me that I have a continuing responsibility to use the gifts God has given me, to “put my talents on the exchange table” for the good of others.

I have had a good life; how easy it would be to remain in my “comfort zone”! I am blessed in so many ways, and I feel grateful to the point of overflowing. The abundance I experience is awesome: it includes my faith, my family, my country, and all my temporal needs plus much more.

It has never been all about ME, not really.  Ulysses, the old, tired warrior who  was returning home at last after the Trojan wars, sighed: “How dull it is to pause, to make an end, to rust unburnished, not to shine in use!” It occurred to me, soon to be 73, that at this time in my life, I can now more fully focus on others, to help a few people find their gifts, their passion, and to help them focus on their “true north”, and shake off any rust, doubts, fears, or other false obstacles which may be holding them back. Then I will teach them how to do the same thing. We will work as a team. Who knows how extensive that ripple effect could be? I am now experiencing the type of mentoring and coaching that can be duplicated. I am studying the masters who have blazed the way, and have written so eloquently with inspiration and clarity and with instructions.

I know that I am covering previously “plowed ground,” yet is is helpful for me to record my thoughts and experiences.  Perhaps these words might find fertile soil somewhere? My job simply is to sow the seeds!

Week 7 Jim Moll

Not only am I back in “school”, I am in Kindergarten! I am cutting out different colored shapes, pasting and posting! I needed to do this because I did not figure out how to do it by computer! It was fun; I often enjoy doing things the “old school” way. Many times when  I am teaching, I use white board, paper, and hands on as well as Power Point.

I am wearing a compass,  out on the front of my shirt. Have I lost my way, people may wonder? Wearing the compass created  a number of occasions for me to share my MKE experience. I get very positive feedback (for which I give and also receIve THANKS) and now I have a few people promising to start a Mental Diet: zero negative thoughts for a week. I get positive strokes as well as  learning more deeply when I share. Speaking of sharing: Yesterday I shared the message of forgiveness and love with over 100 people. In December I will be sharing the same message in the West African countries of Togo and Ghana. I will have the opportunity to put into practice much of what I have been learning in MKE. (Actually, in most of the lessons I have had prior knowledge of the content, but the difference is that I am being mentored how to put it into practice, learning new techniques, and being led to do what I was not doing by myself! I am also being given new perspectives-isn’t that what typically happens when you are coached/ mentored by the great teachers?  Thus: shapes, colors, and even learning how to “sit”! Thank you, Mark and Davene.)

What wonders lie ahead in the weeks to come? What an adventure! Oh, the places I’ll go!

As Zig Ziglar said: “See you at the top!” He also said: “The road to Success is always under construction.”

Week 6 Jim Moll 2nd post

Today I created my dream board. I will post it, if I can figure out how to do it. It’s exciting to be moving into this phase of development, when “what fires together, wires together.” I am posting a little poem I just quickly wrote, not for it’s poetry, but for the contents which you will recognize. It’s to my wife of 47 years, who has always been my “heroine”, the “wind beneath my wings.” She supports me, even though she claims to “not understand!”

My Compass

You are my True, blue North!

Your eyes sparkle with blue

when you say “I love You!”

You are my life’s Compass: True North!


You love me when I’m down,

You love me when I cry,

You love me when I’m Up,

You’ll love me ’till I die.


You humor my whims and Opinions–

My boards, poems and affirmations

and “stuff” I post up upon our walls

to focus on the Inner Jim Moll.


I love you now, I love you still, I loved you then, I always will.