Week 17 Jim Moll

New perspectives again! Each week we learn and practice, putting into action what we study. The previous blog posted (found below)has a great summary of our reading assignment, so I won’t repeat the reading part here.
One concept which I learned, is that we can give ourselves permission to do/feel/think of things any way we would like. One example of an important “permission” is to allow ourselves to forgive others and even forgive ourselves for mistakes or wrongs. Another example could be to give ourselves permission to succeed, permission to live a life of abundance! Perhaps we have grown up with a scarcity paradigm, thinking that there is only “one sized pie”, so if someone else gets more, there is less available for others. Not true! “A rising tide lifts all boats!” In this land of abundance, as we add more to life,we create more abundance for others. Give yourself permission to live a life of abundance! Give yourself permission to succeed. You can do it!
We had an exciting week with the “kindness” exercise. Less than 300 people in our group either did acts of kindness (some “random” anonymous acts)or observed others doing the same. We got excited, and by week’s end we tallied over 8,000 acts of kindness. Abundance?!! What of the “ripple effect”? How many other people were inspired to do the same, or to continue this exercise in the days ahead? Perhaps you’ve heard of “Random acts of kindness” and/or “Pay it forward.” The more you observe these things, the more they will grow.Being kind and having gratitude go hand in hand. Dennis Prager says that grateful people are happy people.
Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
You are a miracle.

Author: jimol

-Educational Master's, love teaching -45 years building Insurance Agencies -owned Success Motivation franchise -Age 72; 47th Anniversary -"The room for improvement is the biggest room in the world" Purpose: to help others get what they want; health and financial security

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