Week 11 Jim Moll

So the traveler returns from West Africa, with fresh perspectives and up close experiences relating to the journey into the mysteries of my mind. The Master Key Experience course this week presented, as a metaphor, the journey of the Monarch butterfly. This insect has the longest migration of the insect world,  a journey of approximately 3,000 miles. After it’s complete metamorphosis from a caterpillar body to a beautiful creation that has wings and can fly, it sets out to a destination that it has never seen nor visited. The life span is short, so the third generation is what actually arrives at the remote mountain destination in Mexico.

How does this amazing story relate to me?

The butterfly has a definite purpose, with total commitment to reach the destination. (Or die trying!) None of the obstacles it faces can deter it; it is focused. It’s plan of action is simple: keep flapping your wings! None of the challenges of weather, food sources, or enemies of various sorts distract it from it’s plan and purpose. It travels with others, who form a group, all dedicated to attaining their goals. They are persistent,

This wonderful creation and it’s life purpose, teaches me, that within myself is the same ability to reach my purpose, my passion, my dream. My new friends in Africa appear to be content with each day’s journey. They are grateful and cheerful people. They reciprocate the love they receive, and are appreciative of the “hand up” offered to assist them in their lives. God does not have short hands; His hands reach into remote villages where lives are simple and basic. As a small token, I was able to donate about 50 pounds of various items of clothing, treats, first aid items and the like ( which I could fit into a suitcase, which was also donated at my trip’s conclusion.)  The most valuable experience, however, was the bonding of hearts where we were connected by the power of love. We are “brothers.” Now I have first hand knowledge of how my donations can be utilized for long term benefits in  the lives I touch.

Author: jimol

-Educational Master's, love teaching -45 years building Insurance Agencies -owned Success Motivation franchise -Age 72; 47th Anniversary -"The room for improvement is the biggest room in the world" Purpose: to help others get what they want; health and financial security

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